At FastForm®

At FastForm® we have extensively researched the performance of traditional casting and splinting materials. We discovered a variety of problems that affect both healthcare professionals and patients alike.

We have made it our mission to develop better products that offer clear benefits to patients and clinicians. The advanced technology and unique design of our latest SCB range of products allows you to use a single product as a splint, cast and brace, while patient comfort is significantly enhanced.


FastForm® SCB Is

  • Highly moldable conformable and remoldable for a perfect fit due to its PolyTrexX® "zero memory" polymer.
  • Easily adjustable to fit the patient’s limb snugly, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the healing process. This feature compensates for an increase or decrease in swelling of the injured limb.
  • Highly breathable ensuring that patient's skin remains dry and comfortable. This mitigates against unpleasant odors, itching and risk of skin maceration.
  • Water-friendly allowing patients the freedom to shower and even swim, where determined suitable by the practitioner.
  • Multifunctional can be used as a splint, cast and a brace.
  • Fast and easy to apply and conforms perfectly to the limb being treated.
  • Clean without dust or fumes when applied and removed. A cast saw is not required for product removal.
  • Radiolucent and unlike traditional casts, there is no need to remove and replace when an x-ray is required.
  • Remoldable if required, and enables the fitting technician to apply focal pressure to a specific area as needed.
  • Strong but light weighing approximately fifty per cent of the weight of a plaster of Paris cast.
  • Easily tolerated by the patient and therefore compliance rates are improved.
  • Reimbursable in the US under existing L-codes and in specific countries (ask your local FastForm® distributor for more details)
  • Clinically effective the FastForm® SCB does not compromise the clinical outcome when compared with traditional casting methods.
  • Better for the environment the FastForm® SCB is 85% biodegradable.

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