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Can a FastForm SCB be used as a cast, splint and brace?

SCB stands for Splint, Cast, Brace. Products from our FastForm SCB range may be used throughout the various stages of fracture and trauma treatment at the discretion of the clinician, thus providing continuity of care. Using a single FastForm SCB reduces the need to prescribe an array of products which minimizes material requirements and helps to reduce cost of procedures.

What other benefits are there in using a FastForm product when compared to more traditional treatments such as plaster of Paris or fibreglass resin casts?

Aside from its multi-functionality, a FastForm SCB product is quick and easy to apply, there is no messy clean up and it can be easily reshaped if necessary. It is highly breathable, water-friendly, radiolucent and is much lighter to wear. It can be volumetrically adjusted to compensate for any localized swelling which also negates the problems for air travelers associated with wearing traditional casts. It is odorless and has higher patient compliance rates. No cast saw is required for removal.

How is a FastForm SCB applied?

Application instructions for each product can be found on the Instructions For Use page

What is the total length of application time?

Application times for each product are detailed in the Instructions For Use

Is it necessary to use additional padding under the FastForm appliance?

The DermaWick™ liner is designed to be thicker where necessary for bony prominences so no additional padding is normally necessary unless desired by the clinician for added protection and comfort.

Can a FastForm SCB be stretched or trimmed?

Yes, a FastForm SCB product can be modified when it is in its malleable state. Where a patient with a shorter arm is being treated, a SCB may be trimmed with scissors and the new edge folded over to give a comfortable cuff. The malleable SCB can also be stretched to accommodate a larger arm where required.

In the event that the damaged limb swells, can a FastForm SCB be adjusted accordingly?

A FastForm SCB is designed to accommodate for any local swelling. Simply slacken off the Velcro straps to the desired amount. As swelling subsides the straps can be tightened again as necessary.

How heavy is a FastForm SCB?

For example, a small-medium size Short Arm Multifunctioanl Orthosis weighs 170gms and the medium-large size weighs 210gms. Both sizes weigh approximately half the weight of an equivalent plaster cast.

Can a FastForm SCB get wet?

Yes. The special DermaWick™ liner is designed to wick away moisture in order to keep the skin healthier. Depending on ambient temperatures and humidity levels a FastForm SCB product normally takes between 1 – 2 hours to be touch dry and may take longer to be fully dry. It is important that the SCB does not remain wet for long periods as this may cause discomfort and skin maceration. The application of a hair dryer after taking a shower will speed up this process. However care should be taken not to localize heating for extended periods as it may soften the SCB product and cause discomfort.

Is using a FastForm SCB cost effective when compared to traditional casting methods?

Comparing like for like materials, the initial cost of a FastForm SCB is normally more. However overall procedure costs can be reduced due to:

  • enhanced patient compliance,
  • less hospital visits to replace damaged plaster casts coupled with non removal and reapplication of plaster casts for x-ray
  • elimination of the need for additional materials, padding, casts and splints at the various stages of fracture management
  • clinician and hospital time is significantly lower
  • no need for a cast saw to remove a FastForm eliminates waiting and visits

Can a FastForm SCB be re-heated and re-shaped?

Yes, simply re-heat and apply again.

Where can I purchase the FastForm SCB range?

To purchase products from the FastForm SCB range please call +1 855 900 FORM (3676) USA or +353 51 306 912 ROW or to find your local Distributor please email us.

Do you have a question not covered here?

Please call +1 855 900 FORM (3676) USA or +353 51 306 912 ROW or to find your local Distributor please email us.