How does PolytrexX® work?

The PolyTrexX® material is pre-formed into a rigid flat substrate that has multiple geometric shapes, thicknesses, profiles and diamond shaped apertures.

Not only do the diamond shaped apertures make the product’s surface highly aerated, they also impart significant strength properties in different directions when formed into a solid orthosis.

An intelligent design means that the cast is more rigid in alignment to the underlying bone/limb while less rigid across the direction of the bone/limb. This design is ideal for fracture treatment as the diamond configuration ensures maximum stability, support and stabilization.

Due to the fact that PolyTrexX® has no memory, the clinician can, if required, exert focal compression to a specific area when applying the product to the patient.

Open Splint and Closed Splint

Breathable DermaWick® Liner

Our unique DermaWick® stretchable liner further enhances the comfort of FastForm® products, leading to improved healing experience for the patient. The material, which also acts as padding for enhanced comfort, is highly breathable and, importantly, is designed to wick away moisture, leaving the skin cool, dry, odorless thus reducing itch and unpleasant odors.

How does DermaWick® work?

Working in conjunction with the open matrix design of the PolyTrexX® polymer, moisture is wicked away from the skin and simply evaporated away. Arguably, the greatest benefit of this feature is that it allows the patient to shower and swim as normal, if prescribed by their clinician. Historically with other orthoses, as little or no skin is exposed to the air, exposure to water results in clammy, hot and uncomfortable casts that quickly lead to bad odors and itchy and macerated skin. Due to our cutting edge Dermawick® liner and aerated design, this problem is mitigated in FastForm®'s range of orthoses.

The use of our revolutionary patented technology results in significant benefits for both clinician and patient alike and represent a truly significant advancement in the management of orthopedic trauma.